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Welcome to my Offical Unoffical Ben Folds Five Webpage. This is the page formally know as Jon's Ben Folds Five Page. I hope you like the new look and all the new info. too. Well here goes. Ben Folds Five is a trio from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The band consists of a piano played by Ben Folds, the bass played by Robert Sledge, and the drums played by Darren Jesse. There music is quite unique from anything I have ever heard before. The sound comes from the bass and the drums, which are played as if in a band like Pantera, and the uniqueness of the piano with blends in and makes it kinda like "punk rock for sissies." The band has only been around for about 3 or 4 years and have put out 3 records and about 12 singles. In these pages you will find more information on the band, how they got started, and where they are at now.

STOP MOSHING: No one should die at a concert

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